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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • yabadaba
    10-10 03:43 PM
    it might seem like eb2 has moved.. and it has from last month...but this is where we were at in april 2006 (may2006 bulletin -1st jan 2003) before the dates stagnated for a cupl of months, became unavailable and finally moved backwards in october.

    so basically no movement for 7 months.

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  • casinoroyale
    03-18 11:53 AM
    So lets do the numbers. If 10,000 of us buy houses worth $300K.

    Lets say, each make 20% downpayment.

    10,000 * $ 60,000 = $ 600 Million (right away gets pumped into the market)

    each pays mortgate of $2000 per month which makes by next year this time

    10, 000 * $2000 * 12 = $240 Million.

    So which this plan, for 1 year, we are helping the economy by $ 840 Million. :confused:

    Hmm, Is that number sufficient enough for Berneke to even think about our plan?

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  • xlr8r
    03-15 10:35 AM
    Fill out the G-639 form and take it to a notary. Have him notarize the document when you sign it in his presence. Worked for me.

    Can someone share how to get Notarized affidavity of identity.


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  • ivdude
    10-02 02:34 PM
    You are correct. The rules must have changed recently. I wonder what made them make that change, Now children of US citizens (who were once Indian citizens) have an advantage over children who has both parents as Indian citizens. Weird.. isn't it?

    Damn..even our own Indian govt discriminates :( . Kids of parents with Indian passport are suspicious..


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  • sunny1000
    07-06 03:13 PM
    Yes. everyone must read those posts before they start giving their expert opinion for or against something.

    Can someone post the link for the above posts by the core members?


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  • hebbar77
    05-02 10:09 PM
    Buddy, your tone sounds hostile and as I said we're staying here by choice - but let me tell you this, after getting an MBA (with financial aid) from a decent school here, staying here for a decade, getting into upper management of a large company and having US born kids, I'm relocating to India after the summer. I've just secured admission for my first born from here and it went without a single glitch.

    So, YES, I've tried it, I'm pretty darn willing to and I got a strong pair of balls!

    I dont want to know abt your balls, keep them to yourself!


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  • xu1
    04-26 08:47 AM
    Let's do it..

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  • ivslave
    09-11 04:27 PM


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  • dreamworld
    11-03 12:39 PM
    It's simple.. Find some one in your friend circle who wants to send money to india and tell him that you will transfer rupees to his bank account in india and ask him to transfer dollars to ur account here.

    Simple.. that's how i did last time..

    good luck to get our of debt..

    btw...If it is larger amount then its illegal to do this way. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawala

    I know this is not releated with Immigration. If you dont want to answer, that is fine. Just ignore this.

    I have money crunch in US. I have accumulated huge debt in my CC. In past I have sent some money to India, but now when I ask my parents to send it here, they tell it is not possible without losing 30%. This is what they heard from my bank. Any Idea on how to get money from India from my own account to which I have sent from here.

    Call and check with ICICI or any international bank located in india.

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  • desidas
    02-01 01:49 PM

    Below is a recent story on travel on AP. I see many posts where folks are asked at POE by CBP offcials if they are still working from the petitioning employer.

    Can you advise why CBP officers are even asking to several AP travellers if they are still working for the GC petitioning employer?

    My situation: I am not working for the petitioning employer anymore and dont have an attorney as well and so need to get prepared to answer the CBP officails why i am not working for the petitioning employer at POE and you know, CBP officails dont understand AC-21 etc

    Please read below.

    ================================================== =
    Junior Member Join Date: May 2006
    Posts: 22

    My story...


    I feel like sharing mine as mine is the most horrifying.

    After scanning my expired H-1 and reviewing my AP, I was sent to "secondary check" where they ask you few questions and verify the authenticity of the documents.

    I was asked if I work for the original petitioner? I said no, currently I work for another employer. I showed them my H-1 approval (I-797). The CBP officer was about to stamp my AP and he was told by a "side-kick" that I have to be employed at the same employer otherwise what is the guarantee that I will go and work for that employer. I calmly explained the fact that GC is for future employment and per AC-21 I can change after 180 days. The CBP officer said wait here and then he walked in to some room. He returned after 20 minutes and I was told to go and wait and other officer will take care of the situation. From one officer to another and another to another. I was asked if I am trying to do any fraud. Finally after 5 hours of questioning, I somewhat lost my temper and told them that either send me back to home country or let me go. So after making few phone calls, they concluded that they don't have access to all my records on their system and it is very gray situation so the office in downtown will take care of the situation.
    They took my passport, AP, H-1 approval letter and told me to go to downtown office after 30 days and they will decide what to do.
    My lawyer was kind enough to accompany me as she was also upset with their act. When I went there, we were rudely asked completely out of place questions which had nothing to do with whose employer I work for or anything and I was told that "I" confused CBP officers by showing AP and H-1 and I should have just shown them AP and everything would have been fine. I am the culprit and I choose to get myself in trouble.....
    I said nothing and just saw him stamping my AP and walked out. I don't know what to conclude out of it. But A friend of mine had valid H-1 and AP and they asked "has any one applied for AOS for you?" he said yes. They asked him to show 485 and AP if he had and same story,,,one officer to another and another to another which lasted for 3 hours and finally his H-1 was stamped.
    So, again I am not sure what they are trying to get out of this but this is happening at the airport. I am not trying to scare anyone but just be prepared to deal with such situation and keep in mind that you are not doing any fraud and keep the honesty.


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    06-23 05:37 PM
    And always send via USPS express mail. (1 day costed me $18) but I came to know instantly the next day that they received it.
    You could also use some cheaper USPS option. as long as it has some delivery confirmation.
    The reason I like express mail one day, is because u can request a copy of the receiver's signature via email (comes in a PDF). This is proof that USCIS really got it and u can then sleep nicely for the next 3 months.
    Ha Ha.

    I alos filed EAD renewal and Receipt came very fast. within 7 days. However when I enter case# on USCIS website, It says Case not Found
    Do I need to worry about it ? Or Need to wait for couple of weeks?
    Please advice.

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  • northstar
    07-31 02:18 AM
    This would be the last visa bulletin for this year. The dates should move just like they did last year to consume all numbers.


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  • salshaik
    03-24 08:46 PM
    KrishGreen and others,

    I understand from the posts that some of you got i-140 and other perm labor documents. Would it be fine to write on g-639 as mentioned below to get I-140 and other perm related documents

    Request for a copy of approved i-140, petition of i-140 and perm labor documents.

    Could you be more specific or elaborate what to mention on the g-639 form under #4 which says Identify the documents records , or information you are seeking?

    Please validate and this would greatly help to others. The only reason I am asking is I am not sure what documents can be requested such as perm labor can be requested or not. Your help greatly appreciated.


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  • jsb
    03-19 02:09 PM
    [QUOTE=sri1309;...Isnt it a shame that a greencard holder cannot get his wife immediately wheras H1s and others can. They have to be told very loudly... .[/QUOTE]

    This favours temporary workers on H1, L1 etc. An H1/L1 spouse can move to the US easily, but not that of a GC holder. If you want to bring out this "discrimination", that would mean to discontinue H4 visas, as seeminlgly it is a discrimination against a GC holder. Is that you are looking for?


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  • imneedy
    06-25 11:38 AM
    May be some one who has already renewed their AP can answer this:

    I am about to renew my AP. What will be the start date on the new AP. Is it the date after the current AP expires(like with EAD) or the date the renewal application is approved. Appreciate any responses.

    I assume, you are asking for "Date of Intended Departure". Please use specific text from the form you are talking about. You can find some answers here (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?p=256903)

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  • apnair2002
    04-16 10:31 AM
    Need recurring contributors.. Please contribute to IV and help yourself. We need to keep this thread at the top...


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  • getgreensoon1
    05-10 08:56 AM
    Try to respect others and feel sorry about their situation.

    I feel sorry for the people who live in slums of dharavi but not for people who should not have been in the US in the first place (based on their education) and are now finding ways to get ahead of the legit EB2 candidates by buying masters degrees.

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  • karthkc
    03-18 05:03 PM

    As long as you dont use your EAD, you can continue working on H1B.

    In fact, if it is the same employer as your GC sponsor, you dont have to do anything.

    The thing to remember is to extend your H1B if you do a H1B transfer so you dont have any issues at the time of transfer.

    All this is assuming that your company policy can handle exceptions to the policy :)


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  • AZ_GC
    08-22 06:44 PM
    Here is what i think ........USCIS works and approves according to RD till 140/485 approval. After this they hand over the case to DOS for visa issuance who work according to PD when allocating visa numbers. Correct me if i am wrong.

    08-27 05:22 PM
    I got a 2nd FP notice for 485. I will be current next month. I also applied for AP last month, which got approved yesterday. Not sure if AP application triggerred the FP notice or if there is a chance I can get approved next month??

    I got a FP notice for next month. It is certainly not related to AP or EAD renewal, since I don't have any pending AP or EAD renewal. I got my EAD renewed last March and AP in May. So hoping that I got the FP notice since they started looking at my 485 application and something positive will be end result.

    Good luck.

    07-08 12:31 PM

    The AC21 law was enacted to help you from exactly the same situation and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

    But as well know how USCIS works, the BAD case scenario would be that you'll get an RFE after your I-140 is revoked and at that time, you'll need to provide some proof of your employment in the same or similar field along with a copy of the AC21 text.

    The WORST case scenario would be that you'll get a NOID from an ignorant officer, and in that case as well, you'll have to reply with same documents and you'll get approved.

    Mark my words : Your I-485 will get approved ultimately(unless you have comitted some kind of fraud )

    About the employer, I think he's right that any I-140 which has a pending I-485 associated with it , is counted towards the ability to pay and it affects the future I-140s from the same employer.


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